The project's Ending Seminar



We wrapped up the project actions in a livestream session

On December 8th of 2021, the Migael project organized the last seminar to review the project’s activities and results. In the livestream the game exercises produced in the project were played and the course of the project was discussed among the project team. Toni Westerlund, project manager, Elina Männikkö, project engineer, and Loru Reinikka (2D graphic designer) and Tuuli Nivala (game pedagogist) from the FrostBit team were present in the stream.

The stream began with the introduction of the project and FrostBit’s project team. After that, we started playing through each exercise and discussed the process of creating the games.

The VOD can be viewed in the FrostBit YouTube-channel (in Finnish)

The recording of the final seminar can be viewed on FrostBit’s YouTube (only in Finnish). Game exercises are also freely available for download and play on the Migael project website (both in Finnish and English), and the latest builds of the exercises will be updated by the end of 2021. Builds are still undergoing final repairs and optimizations, and the final (sixth) game exercise will also be uploaded to the website by the end of the year.


Towards the end of the year, the project team travelled to the Joensuu Riveria Education Consortium to provide training in the use of the games to teachers in the mining and construction industries. The session lasted three hours and the last feedback and thoughts on the exercises was gathered. The game exercises on the Migael website are free to use and can be played by everyone.