The Ending Seminar of the project and Game Exercise Training

In the Ending Seminar, we discussed the progress of the project and played the game exercises live. The project team also travelled to Joensuu to provide training on the Game Exercises in teaching.

Motion capture of character animations

How do we produce realistic movements for game characters? Read a blog article written by our 3D modeller!

Planning a storybased game exercise

This blog explains how the process of planning and making the 5th exercise has begun!

Making of: Game Characters

Read how the characters of the 4th Migael-exercise were made from first sketches to animations!

Game Design Workshop

How do we proceed in the game design processes in the Migael project? Where do the ideas and inspirations arise, and how do we implement them into real game exercises? Read the blog about the game design processes of the fourth exercise.

Visit to Mantovaara Mining Area

In the vlog Elina Männikkö (project engineer) and Tuuli Nivala (project planner) from FrostBit visited the mining area of Sodankylä's Mantovaara, where they got introduced with mining actions for the fourth exercise of the Migael project.

Testing the Charging/Blasting Exercise

In March 2020, a group of construction and engineering students tested the Charging/Blasting exercise in action for the first time. With the feedback from the test day, the game was developed further.