Migael-project has several gamified mining exercises with a variety of different tasks in them. Together they form a comprehensive package of work tasks and prepare the learner to work in the mining industry – in a realistic virtual environment. You can download all the exercises individually down below with their manuals. 

You can check out the technical requirements and the content descriptions for the exercises below. There is information for each exercise, so you know which device it is playable on and what kind of learning goals the exercise strives for.

The current game builds on the website are development builds. The final games improved by all the feedback and sounds are added later in 2021.

1. Charging/Blasting

In the Charging-Blasting exercise, you can create different charges and test how to and where to blast them. The exercise is located in an open-pit mine where the player can design a charge as well as execute and review the blasting. 

The Goal: Practice creating different chargings and implement the blasting in an open-mine-pit. 

Playable on PC and VR-glasses (Oculus).

2. Safety CARD

In this scenario you learn how to prepare for drifting and mining.  The environment is made on the basis of a real underground mine and it demonstrates what it’s like to work in there.

The Goal: Examine the environment according to the work-card and check if things are in order or not. 


Playable on VR-glasses (Oculus Quest and Rift) and Android devices.

3. Driving departure

This exercise teaches the things you have to go through before driving the haul truck. You can check the condition of the haul truck, the meters and the employee’s equipment.

The Goal: Check if the haul truck is in the right condition to use. Examine everything according to the Tablet and check if things are in order or not.


Playable on VR-glasses (oculus) and on mobile devices (Android). You can also test a AR-version of the game in android devices!

4. Safety procedures before and after blasting

The exercise goes through the safety measures in the open pit mine before and after blasting. The game is aimed for all ages and guides the player in a fun way to make all the necessary actions.

The Goal: Check and implement safety procedures at the open pit before and after blasting.


PC game.

5. stages of drifting

In this game exercise, you get to jump in the role of a trainee in a mine and follow the different stages of drifting. In the storytelling-game, you follow the forewoman’s teaching interactively and complete tasks.

The Goal: Follow the forewoman’s dialogue on drifting and complete mini-games and assignmets on the topic.


Playable on both PC and Oculus Rift.



The last game exercise was made into an interactive visualization where the user learns about the topic indirectly through character dialogues. The player gets to look at the concept of “Social License to Operate” in a fictional Finnish village, where characters from different backgrounds share their thoughts on a mine near their village.


Objective: Listen to the thoughts of the people in the fictional village about the mine and learn about the concept of SLO.


Playable on PC (Unreal Engine 5 base, so the game can be heavy).